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"Thought I'd drop you a line and thank you for another great job on my arrows.  Greg and I recentlly got back from a hog hunt in Texas where we took a couple of big tough boars.  The arrows flew straight and we enjoyed BBQ for the next couple of days.  Once again, thank you."

Fred Abbas


"In our line of work both the cameraman and the hunter must be able to follow the flight of the arrow, especially in low light conditions.  This brings into play the extreme importance of an eye catching flow between the vanes or feathers, and the dip design.  Thanks Botswana's for such a great product."


Greg Abbas

President, A-Way Hunting Products, Inc


"The quality and performance of the arrows that Botswana's Bowhunting Supply produces is priceless!"

Jeff Stawiarski

President, Xtreme Scents





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